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In Our Clients' Own Words

“I like the small office atmosphere – not like the large, Boston law firms. I like the home-town feel with her expertise. I don’t have to pay for parking or for the overhead of the larger, in-town firms.”

“When I lost my wife, Linda was very nice and very understanding, and pushed me to get done what I needed to get done.”

Caring for Loved Ones

Your parents or older loved ones are aging. You want to support them as best you can. But you may not understand all the challenges that you could soon face in caring for them.

At Hanson Law Center, our goal is to help you help them.

We understand the various challenges they may face as they grow old gracefully. We also understand the many tools and options you have at your disposal. Planning NOW may prevent uncomfortable or unpleasant issues arising later. We will educate you on the various challenges your older loved ones will face down the road. How do you help them manage their assets? How do you plan for potential home or nursing care? How do you ensure that their wishes are met? How do you create an estate plan that preserves family harmony, when times may get tougher in the future?

We will help you and your older loved ones create a plan that provides for them, and gives you the comfort of knowing you are doing all you can do, as they get older. Their needs will change, as will yours. And we want to guide you through the process, educating you and ensuring that you have done your very best for your family. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.